Southport Se7ens Hockey Festival

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Got a burning question about the festival like “can we bring our pet elephant to the tournament (No Bolton HC* you can not) or “is it ok to wear a tutu during the matches” Yes Benny, Yes its OK, you do you!… feeling lonely and just want a chat? Drop us an email using the form below! Our team of highly trained monkeys (No not Rochdale HC*) will get back to you as soon as they finish their coffee break. We’ll try our best to answer your queries, but please note that we are not licenced therapists and cannot provide marriage counselling or relationship advice… You know what, not even sure what this contact form is here for anyway… lol


*Just to clarify Bolton HC has an Elephant and Rochdale HC has a Monkey in their logos… Permission was sought before publishing. (The Banter has already begun)
We would also like to add that no animals were harmed in the creation and publication of the paragraph above.

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